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Merrimack residents warned about ID theft ring

Staff Report
September 30. 2016 3:03AM


MERRIMACK — Residents are being urged to guard against identity theft after the arrest of a Walden, N.Y., man for burglarizing a local home and taking packages from it.

Charles A. Washington, 21, is being held on $25,000 cash bail awaiting an arraignment Oct. 6 on felony burglary and theft charges after his arrest earlier this week.

A resident called police last Tuesday to complain that a male had been pounding on her front door demanding she turn over mail that had been sent to that address.

She told a dispatcher that the male then moved to another door in the same, single-family home nearby, forced his way in and took two packages out of that dwelling.

Merrimack Police say this appears to be an organized identity theft ring that’s operating out of New York state.

Police found a credit card with the identity of a California victim inside the packages.

In the last six weeks, police said several residents have reported getting envelopes or small packages with their address but with a different name on the package.

Police suspect this organization is using stolen personal information, opening up credit cards with high limits and having these cards sent to random homes throughout Merrimack and surrounding communities.

Suspects are seemingly tracking the deliveries either through UPS or the U.S. Postal Service and quickly pounce and take these packages before the homeowner is ever aware that a package is at his or her door.

Last week, a Lee resident said he was fleeced out of $10,000 on a credit card through a similar scam.

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