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Authorities: Man who lived with Beaudin killed her, Allenstown victims

January 26. 2017 1:36PM
DAVID LANE/UNION LEADER Ryan Grant of the Manchester police department shows a slide of the Hayward Street search for Denise Beaudin. No human remains were found there, he said. 
Timeline of Bob Evans confirmed events
1977 (approx.): Bob Evans works at Waumbec Mills as head electrician.

1980, February: Evans arrested in Manchester as Robert T. Evans for issuing a bad check on 12/21/1979 (insufficient funds).

1980, May: Evans arrested in Manchester as Robert T. Evans for theft of services (electricity).

1980, October: Evans arrested in Manchester as Robert T. Evans for diverting electric current.

1981, November: Denise Beaudin disappears from Manchester shortly after Thanksgiving with her 6-month-old daughter and her boyfriend, Bob Evans.

1984, March: Evans hired under name Curtis Kimball by electrical company in Los Alamitos, Calif.

1985, May: Evans arrested for DUI in Cypress, Calif. as Curtis Mayo Kimball.

1985, November: First barrel found at Bear Brook State Park, Allenstown, containing an unidentified adult female (23-33 years old) and female child (5-11 years old).

1986, January: Evans in Santa Cruz County, Calif., living & working at the Holiday Host RV Park in Scotts Valley under name Gordon Jenson.

1986, June: Evans abandons Denise Beaudin's daughter in California and flees.

1986, September: Fingerprints match between Gordon Jenson and Curtis Kimball confirming they are the same person (Bob Evans).

1988, November: Evans pulled over in San Luis Obispo, Calif. under the name Gerry Mockerman, driving a stolen vehicle from Preston, Idaho.

1989, March: Evans arrested in California on warrants from the child abandonment and sentenced to three years.

1990, October: Evans paroled and absconds the following day in California.

2000, May: Second barrel found at Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown, containing two unidentified female children (2-4 yo) and (1-3 yo).

2002, June: Evans' girlfriend, Eunsoon Jun, disappears from Richmond, Calif.

2002, November: Evans arrested for Eunsoon Jun's homicide and parole violation.

2003, June: Evans convicted of Eunsoon Jun's murder and sentenced to 15 years to life.

2003, August: DNA testing confirms Evans is not the biological father to the child he abandoned (Denise' Beaudin's daughter).

2010, December: Evans dies in High Desert Prison, Susanville, Calif.

2016, July: San Bernardino County Sheriff contacts New Hampshire authorities referencing Evans and his connection to New Hampshire.

2016, October: DNA confirms Evans is biological father of the unidentified 2-4 year old girl found in Allenstown in 2000.

CONCORD — Authorities say they know who killed a woman and three children whose bodies were dumped in barrels in Allenstown decades ago – a man who called himself Bob Evans when he lived and worked in Manchester in the 1970s.

And they believe Evans also murdered Denise Beaudin, a 23-year-old Manchester woman who disappeared with her 6-month-old daughter shortly after Thanksgiving in 1981 and was never seen or heard from again.

Beaudin and her child were living with Evans in a Hayward Street apartment before they disappeared.

“We believe we have our killer of the Allenstown victims and Denise Beaudin. Now we need to try to identify and find all of his victims,” Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeffery Strelzin said at a news conference Thursday.

Evans, who went by many other names across the country, died in 2010 in a California prison, where he was serving time for murdering a woman.

Strelzin described how federal, state and city officials realized they were dealing with a serial killer responsible for murdering at least five people here and in California.

He said DNA testing has confirmed that Evans, who used at least five aliases as he traveled the country, was the father of one of the children whose body was found in Allenstown.

Evans, under another name, was convicted of killing Eunsoon Jun, a California woman he had married in a backyard wedding in 2002. Authorities found her dismembered body buried in the basement of their home that same year.

Manchester police Capt. Ryan Grant said Evans arrived in New Hampshire in the late 1970s.

He worked at the Waumbec Mills as an electrician and handyman and did some work for a man who owned property in Allenstown – the property where the barrels were found in 1985 and 2000 that contained the bodies of an adult female and three little girls.

Strelzin said Evans apparently kept Denise’s daughter, who was named Dawn, with him for several years after he left New Hampshire, calling her Lisa.

DNA testing has shown that Evans was not Lisa’s biological father, he said.

In 1986, the man, who was then going by the name Gordon Curtis Jenson, gave the child to people who lived in a California RV park where he was staying; she was later adopted.

Officials said Denise Beaudin’s daughter, now married and with three children, has been reunited with relatives in New Hampshire.

They read a message from her expressing gratitude for what authorities are doing to solve her mother’s disappearance, and asking for privacy for her family.

Strelzin said he hopes that releasing what investigators have pieced together about the man who called himself Bob Evans may prompt someone to remember something that could help them identify his victims — and perhaps his real name.

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