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Hudson woman placed Molotov cocktail under tire of former lover's wife, Nashua police allege

Union Leader Correspondent

October 09. 2018 4:45PM


NASHUA — A Hudson woman is accused of placing a Molotov cocktail behind a car owned by her ex-boyfriend's wife, a plan that police say backfired with her arrest.

"This is not a (criminal) charge we see very often," said Lt. Craig Allard of the Nashua Police Department.

Police allege Karen Dowling, 31, of 22 Roosevelt Ave., Apt. 8, placed an unlit Molotov cocktail behind the tire of a car parked on private property in the city on Sept. 12.

"This car, we believe, was a targeted car," said Allard.

Dowling, according to police, is the former girlfriend of the victim's husband. It was the husband who discovered the incendiary device under his wife's vehicle before the car was ever turned on or moved, they said.

Although the incendiary device did not ignite, Allard said it had been previously lit. It's not clear whether the device was lit when it was placed under the vehicle, he said.

Nashua Fire Rescue disposed of the Molotov cocktail.

"There were no injuries, and everything resolved safely," Allard said.

If convicted, Dowling could face up to seven years in prison for the Class B felony. She was arrested Friday and released on personal recognizance bond. She is to be arraigned Oct. 25 at Hillsborough County Superior Court South in Nashua.

The law prohibiting the Molotov cocktails was introduced in 1973 in connection with explosives and explosive substances and unlawful use of explosives.

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