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Manchester police arrest three men with needles, drugs in Bronstein Park

June 22. 2018 12:11AM

MANCHESTER — Three Manchester men face drug-related charges after police said they found them with drugs and needles in Bronstein Park Wednesday evening.

Detectives said they noticed four men sitting in the park near a group of high school athletes and became suspicious of drug activity when one of the men left the park, went into an Amherst Street house for less than 30 seconds, returned to the park and then reached into his pocket while huddling with the other three men.

Police said the man, identified later as Derek Moaratty, 37, began to load a syringe before handing it to Dustin Paurowski, 34, while Gregory Fober, 37, removed a small plastic bag from his pocket and loaded another syringe.

All three men have no fixed address, police said.

The two detectives identified themselves as police officers and found an uncapped, loaded syringe when they searched Paurowski’s bag, as well as a suboxone strip, spoon and residue, police said. Paurowski was charged with possession of a controlled drug when the officers determined the syringe contained suboxone.

Moaratty also was charged with possession of a controlled drug after loading the syringe with drugs before handing it to Paurowski, police said.

Fober was charged with possession of a controlled drug and falsifying physical evidence after police said they found a syringe filled with heroin and a bent spoon beneath the blanket he was sitting on.

All three men were scheduled to appear in Hillsborough County Superior Court Thursday, police said.

The fourth man was not charged, according to police.

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