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St. Paul's official: School's recommendation of teacher David Pook was wrong

March 11. 2018 12:59PM

CONCORD - The president of the St. Paul's School Board of Trustees said administrators were wrong to give a favorable recommendation to a former teacher who recently was arrested on witness tampering and perjury charges.

Archibald Cox Jr. also said David Pook, a former humanities teacher, should have been dismissed earlier than he was in 2008.

Pook is to be arraigned next Thursday in Merrimack County Superior Court on two counts each of witness tampering and conspiracy to commit perjury regarding allegations of sexual assault at St. Paul's.

"There has been speculation that Mr. Pook may have had a sexual relationship with a student while at St. Paul's. This matter was reviewed by the school at the time and as far as could be determined then, and as far as we know today, that was not the case," Cox wrote in a letter last Thursday to the school community.

"This could, of course, change in the future. Nonetheless, it is very clear that Mr. Pook should have been dismissed earlier and should not have been given a favorable recommendation when he left St. Paul's."

Pook went from St. Paul's to work and teach at Derryfield School in Manchester, a private day school, until his termination following his arrest last month.

In the letter, Cox also addressed the memoir of Chessy Prout, the sexual assault survivor in the high-profile prosecution of Owen Labrie, who wrote that the school was steeped in money and misogyny.

"While we take issue with some of what she says about the culture of the school, what is said and has been said over the years, whether by Chessy or by others, has not and cannot simply be swept under the rug or ignored," Cox added.

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