Improve the open rate of your small business' email marketing campaigns

You’ve spent the time and effort to build a nice list of email subscribers. You send out an email newsletter. A few days later you look at your campaign stats to find that almost no one opened your email! Don’t worry. It happens to the best of us.

Finding your email marketing groove can take a little time. According to HubSpot, for companies with 1-10 employees, a good median open rate is 35.3%. For companies with 11-25 employees, 32.4% is a good median open rate.

Now that you know the numbers you should be shooting for, here are some tactics to improve your email open rates right away:

  • Start with an engaging subject line. The subject line is the first thing that the recipient sees, so make it good. Keep it short and to the point. Only part of the subject line may appear in someone’s inbox, so make the subject clear in the first few words.

  • Write to one person. Make your emails personal. No one likes to be addressed as a “subscriber” – they want to be spoken to directly. When you write your emails, write them as if you’re speaking to a friend, not a faceless crowd.

  • Ask a question. Questions provoke answers. In turn, your email is more likely to provoke opens and replies.

  • Promise something. If people know specifically what they are going to get when they open your email, and they want it, they are more likely to click.

  • Use power words in your headline. Use powerful, evocative words that evoke emotion from the reader, like: amazing, breathtaking, defiant, excited, grit, stunning, and wonderful.

  • Learn from others. Subscribe to other email lists that perform well and analyze their subject lines to see what works.

  • Don’t be too clever. Simple, straightforward headlines beat gimmicks every time.

  • Don’t waste people’s time (or yours). Don’t write an email unless you have something to say. If you are boring your subscribers with information that is of no use to them, they aren’t going to open your emails and they may well unsubscribe. If that happens, you’ve probably lost them for good.

  • Be generous. Don’t just email your subscribers to ask for something or talk about yourself. Give them something of value in every email.

  • Add a personal touch. You want your readers to know and trust you. So be human. Add personality to your writing. Write fast and with enthusiasm – write like you would speak – so your readers can feel your personality coming through. 

Many small businesses have a lot to say that’s valuable to their customers but don’t have the time or expertise to say it effectively in the form of an email newsletter. The New Hampshire Union Leader can create and manage an effective, ongoing email marketing campaign for your business or get a campaign that’s run off the rails back on track. Contact us.

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