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Doing the right thing: Shupe and Shaheen

June 10. 2018 6:45PM

On Wednesday, we called on the Exeter Police Department to drop a criminal defamation charge against Robert Frese, a vocal critic who blames his frequent legal problems on police corruption.

There is no reason to believe Frese, but arresting him for a critical post will only fuel anti-police sentiment.

After a wave of criticism, including our editorial, the attorney general’s office convinced Exeter that it “would not prevail at trial.”

We would like an explanation from Chief William Shupe about arresting Frese, but Shupe has refused to discuss the case.

It’s difficult for a public figure like Shupe to win a defamation claim in civil court. He is welcome to try. Using the law to go after a critic of the police department was improper.

On Friday, we urged Sens. Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan to sign on to Sen. Bob Corker’s bill to take back congressional authority to set tariffs. Shaheen had already agreed to co-sponsor the measure, but announced so after our editorial.

The Constitution gives Congress power over tariffs, though it has ceded those decisions to the President over the past 100 years. Shaheen deserves credit for helping to restore this basic congressional responsibility.

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