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Fathers and daughters: Have we lost our minds?

February 19. 2018 7:59PM

Perhaps it is time to give up on Western Civilization if something as innocent and inoffensive as a Father-Daughter Dance has been ground to dust by the gears of political correctness.

The Hampton Parent Teacher Association voted in November to change its Daughter’s Choice Dance to a family dance, bowing to the onslaught on gender neutrality.

Are people really walking around so eager to be offended that dads sharing a special night with their little girls must be sacrificed?

We can be equal without being identical. Hampton fathers looking to restore their local tradition insist that boys who wanted to attend were never turned away. Not all girls have fathers. Some have two. There is nothing exclusionary or judgmental in acknowledging the father-daughter relationship, and giving it an evening in the spotlight.

Attempts to eradicate any reference to a traditional family structure from public life are not about inclusion. We can protect and value family structures that differ from societal norms without pretending that such norms do not exist.

Likewise, we should stop pretending that differences between boys and girls are only in our minds. This is madness.


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