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Syrian strikes: Where is Congress?

April 16. 2018 6:27PM

The use of chemical weapons is outside the bounds of civilization, and will be severely punished.

That principle alone justifies American participation in airstrikes against Syrian dictator Bashir al-Assad’s chemical weapons facilities.

The 105 American, British, and French missiles came a year after President Trump ordered a strike on a Syrian airfield in retaliation for Assad’s sarin gas attack that killed 86 Syrian civilians.

New Hampshire’s congressional delegation supported the latest airstrikes, while calling on the Trump administration to outline its Syrian strategy, and to seek authorization from Congress for further military actions.

We’ve heard that before, from both sides of the aisle. Congress has spent decades ceding its authority to declare war to the President.

We are now more than 16 years, and two Presidents, removed from the vague use-of-force resolution being used to justify American military operations in the Middle East.

Congress should reassert its dormant war powers, and the President should outline his views on American military involvement in Syria in something more detailed than a tweet.

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