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Walkout: From a protest to a farce

March 12. 2018 6:47PM

If New Hampshire students choose to participate in tomorrow’s “March For Our Lives” by walking out of class, we would not want school officials to throw the book at them.

The walkouts are being organized by left-wing gun control groups, including billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety.

Some participants will insist the walkouts are merely in solidarity with the victims of last month’s murderous rampage in Parkland, Fla. But the liberal gun control groups aren’t hiding their role in organizing these overtly political protests.

Why then are local school officials across the state giving their seal of approval to such blatantly political activity? Principals and superintendents are not only saying they won’t punish any student who participates, but actively participating themselves.

Sanctioning the walkout reduces its significance to no more than a fire drill. Students would not be protesting, but joining in a district-approved political theater production.

Students have every right to express their political views. Participating in a protest should not go on their permanent records. That’s quite different from carving out part of a school day for a left-wing political stunt.

Public school officials should not take sides in a political debate, and pretend that it’s education.


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