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'Anti-gun message' Wheeler has reason for skepticism

February 06. 2018 11:31PM

The Manchester Police Department is seeking the lion’s share of a $200,000 federal Department of Justice grant to combat gang violence.

But Executive Councilor David Wheeler worries the money will be used to go after legal gun owners.

Manchester has given the Milford Republican reason to be skeptical.

Queen City police arrested a Manchester mother in October for child endangerment merely for having a gun in the glove compartment. After two weeks, prosecutors dropped the charges.

On Saturday, Mark Hayward reported in his City Matters column on the arrest of a Manchester man for holding his legal handgun at his side when he heard his neighbors arguing loudly with his wife. After eight months, prosecutors dropped the charges.

The federal grant on this morning’s council agenda references New Hampshire’s new concealed carry law, as if that had anything to do with gang violence. It also states that the money would be used “to spread the anti-gun message to the community.”

This is, at best, horribly phrased. At worst, it shows a stunning lack of judgment on behalf of New Hampshire law enforcement. Law-abiding citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights are not a threat to public safety, and not connected to gang violence.

Wheeler is right to demand clarity on how exactly this money would be spent before accepting a check from Uncle Sam.

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