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Blame Hamas: Israel has a right to exist

May 16. 2018 9:59PM

If a known terrorist group were using human shields in an attempt to sneak militants across a nation’s borders, no one would question the right of that nation to use deadly force to stop them.

Unless that nation were Israel.

Hamas has sent waves of fighters at the Israel border in Gaza four times this year, the latest on Monday to coincide with the opening of the U.S Embassy in Jerusalem. Hamas, the terrorist organization in charge in Gaza, claims that 50 of the 60 people killed by the Israelis were its members.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Congress has long acknowledged this, and moving the embassy was long overdue. Arguments against locating the U.S. embassy in Israel’s capital have at their heart a question of Israel’s legitimacy.

The violence in Gaza did not stem from a protest of the embassy, but as the latest round in the assault on Israel. Hamas organized the so-called protest, armed many of the protesters, and tried to use the crowd to sneak across the border to terrorize Israeli villages.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley rightly held Hamas responsible for this week’s bloodshed, and walked out as a Palestinian envoy tried to blame Israel.

Trump’s decision to finally move our embassy to Jerusalem and Haley’s firm stand at the U.N. were welcome sparks of diplomatic honesty.

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