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Buckley's latest: A particularly vicious lie

October 04. 2017 10:10PM

We do not always weigh in when Ray Buckley lies about a Republican.

We might as well try to count every grain of sand on Hampton Beach.

But the chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party this week spread a particularly vicious lie that warrants scrutiny.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley opposed a United Nations resolution on “The question of the death penalty.” It cited use of capital punishment for “apostasy, blasphemy, adultery and consensual same-sex relations,” but went on to argue for its total repeal, even for murder.

A number of liberal news outlets falsely reported that the Trump administration had opposed a resolution against the use of the death penalty for being gay.

In fact, the United States has routinely opposed resolutions calling for an end to the death penalty, since it is legal in many U.S. states, including New Hampshire. The Obama administration cast a similar vote. The U.S. condemns use of the death penalty against persecuted minorities.

How could the U.S. prod other nations to consider repealing the death penalty entirely when it remains legal here?

Buckley took to social media to spread this smear, even attacking New Hampshire Log Cabin Republicans for not buying into the lie.

Buckley’s divisive lies are reckless. The Democrats who put him in charge of their party should demand he rescind his smears.

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