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Compromise possible? House will vote on immigration

June 17. 2018 9:34PM

It might be too much to hope that Congress actually finds a compromise on immigration policy this week.

The House is set to vote on a pair of competing proposals to shield immigrants brought into the country illegally as children, called “Dreamers” by their advocates, beef up border security, and address parents and children separated at the border.

Republicans are split, with many members of the caucus reluctant to do anything, lest they face cries of “amnesty” back in their districts.

Immigration hard-liners are looking for political cover from the White House. Friday, President Trump sent mixed signals, first saying he would not sign a compromise from moderate Republicans, and later saying he would.

Democrats avoided the immigration issue when they held Congress and the White House. They did nothing to reverse the Obama administration’s family separation policy. Now, they seem content to complain about Republican inaction, rather than back the moderate bill.

We have long advocated an increase in border security and reform of the nation’s broken visa system coupled with leniency for illegal aliens willing to bring themselves in line with the law.

New Hampshire’s two Democratic representatives have a choice between compromising on illegal immigration or another year of inaction on the issue.

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