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Daytona on Maple St.: Slowing those one-way races

February 13. 2018 11:49PM

The owner of the MS Market at the corner of Maple and Sagamore in Manchester would like a traffic light installed. The nerve of this guy. His store has been hit by speeding vehicles only four times in the last 10 years.

More than 300 of Syed Tahir’s customers and neighbors also want such a light. What is the matter with these people? Do they not appreciate living or shopping on a one-way thoroughfare akin to an I-93 straightaway?

As noted here recently, Maple Street has an equally-dangerous twin in Beech Street, going the other way. Drivers young and old zoom down these streets at breathtaking and life-threatening speeds and the police would have to be on them 24-7 to slow them down.

We would like to see both of these streets return to their two-way status of long ago. That may be a bridge too far. But surely the traffic folks should accommodate Mr. Tahir and the neighborhood’s request for a traffic light.

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