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De-Lynching: Erasing history and language

August 13. 2017 10:34PM

A sharp-eyed reader alerts us to a plan by New Hampshire officials to memorialize racism at the State House.

For some reason, our state government thinks it would be acceptable to hang a portrait of former Gov. John Lynch in the governor’s office.

Portraits of past governors hang throughout the State House. Gov. Craig Benson’s was unveiled earlier this year. But none of those governors had a name as potentially triggering as Lynch.

This may sound ridiculous. Who would possibly think that a common surname would turn a public building into an unsafe space?

The Centennial School Board in Portland, Ore., does. The politically correct idiots on the board recently voted to rename three local elementary schools because using the name of the family who donated land for the schools more than a century ago reminded them of “lynch mobs.”

Board chair Sharlene Giard says “we want to make sure that (children of color) are able to cross the threshold of those three schools and be comfortable in their surroundings.”

We certainly wouldn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable at the State House. Best to pretend the eight shameful years of the Lynch administration never happened.

We’ve also asked Union Leader design editor Tom Lynch to change his name.

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