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Denying science: Transgender agenda mocks biology

April 15. 2018 10:00PM

Men who think of themselves as women can run in the women’s division of the Boston Marathon today, and vice versa.

It has become socially accepted that we humor this fiction. If people are happier pretending to be something they are not, even resorting to surgery to mimic the opposite sex, we wish them well.

An effort to force everyone in New Hampshire to accept someone’s “gender identity” faces a public hearing in the New Hampshire Senate this morning.

House Bill 1319 would add “gender identity” to the state’s various non-discrimination statutes. This goes far beyond tolerance. It is forced compliance.

Transgender individuals share the same rights as everyone else. No one should be subject to abuse or harassment. That does not require creation of a special protected class.

Business owners would not be able to decide if they want men pretending to be women as the faces of their businesses. Private schools would not be allowed to tell all boys to use the little boys’ room.

This is all based on the scientifically illiterate premise that gender is just a state of mind, and not a function of biology.

Men and women are different. We may humor those who pretend otherwise, and let them lead their lives. We should not write that lie into law.

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