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Ditching the Pledge: Steve Marchand gets desperate

June 11. 2018 9:25PM

Since losing the Democratic gubernatorial primary two years ago, Steve Marchand has been sprinting to the left, hoping to capture the hearts of New Hampshire liberals who hate the state’s tradition of limited government.

It’s not going well. Marchand launched his second run for governor well over a year ago, but the state’s Democratic establishment is flocking to Molly Kelly, a former state senator of no particular distinction, but a record of voting with the liberal party line.

Kelly pledges to veto a broadbased sales or income tax if elected, though she can’t muster any personal opposition to them. She simply acknowledges that Granite State voters don’t want them.

Marchand, meanwhile, calls the pledge an anachronism. But in March 2016, he launched his first run for governor by promising to veto broadbased taxes.

This April, he told the Concord Monitor that he didn’t take the pledge in 2016, obviously hoping that no one was paying attention to his first campaign. Now, he says the state needs to find new sources of revenue.

Revenue is in such short supply that Gov. Chris Sununu last week signed a bill spending $100 million in surplus. Marchand is just getting desperate.

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