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Earth Day: Celebrating pseudo-science

April 20. 2017 5:39PM

April 22 has become an international holiday for the doomsday cult prophesying the end of the world through global warming.

The alarmism used to scare people about the dangers of climate change, and the zeal with which the alarmists attack any signs of skepticism, belie any claim to sanctity of science.

Science is based on skepticism, and a respect for the limits of our knowledge. Global temperatures have increased slightly over the past century, and there is solid evidence that human activity has contributed to that warming. But there is no consensus on how much. The models used to predict future warming have already been proven to be wildly inaccurate.

Yet those who want government to impose massive, costly regulations on how we generate energy will use tomorrow’s Earth Day festivities to hold a March for Science. They would have us believe that political questions should be settled by scientists.

From the deadly campaign against DDT in Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” to the discredited nonsense of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” the environmental movement has relied on scare tactics and outright lies. Local charlatans would have you believe the sea will rise six feet this century.

Property rights can clean up the air and water better than government regulations. Free market technological advances will move us past fossil fuels faster than bureaucratic planning. Don’t let pseudo-science fool you.

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