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Endangering America: The crazy quest to topple history

August 26. 2017 10:05PM

That a major cable TV company would remove sportscaster "Robert Lee" from a game because of his name should tell us how absurd, and how dangerous, are these times.

The ESPN sports network must think very little of its audience's intelligence. The idea that anyone named Robert Lee would somehow be linked to Civil War Rebel Gen. Robert E. Lee and therefore upset viewers is insulting.

It is also another step down a slippery slope that has led to the teaching of revisionist history ("Native" Americans good, white man bad, etc.) and the so-called moral equivalency of capitalism and communism.

Now we also have the trashing of historical markers and the defaming of the Founding Fathers. The Democrats have already moved to eradicate some of their past leaders. In New Hampshire and elsewhere, Jefferson-Jackson Day events have been replaced by Kennedy-Clinton festivities, modern day philanderers being far better than towering figures who were slave owners in a different era.

In Boston, the late, longtime owner of the Boston Red Sox, Tom Yawkey, will pay for his sin of being the last Major League team to employ a black player. He also made the Jimmy Fund name a hallmark of charitable giving, but never mind that.

There are now demands that Boston's venerable Faneuil Hall be renamed. Turns out Peter Faneuil was a slave trader. Never mind that it is where Samuel Adams and others fashioned the fight to free the colonies, which became the United States, which hailed Jefferson's declaration that all men are created equal, which has led America ever closer to living that belief.

Adding historical context is one thing. Eradicating any part of America's history endangers all of America's future.

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