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Following the rules: Medicaid decision made in D.C.

October 23. 2017 9:22PM

Spending taxpayer funds to pay for gender reassignment surgery is questionable, at best.

Adding those costs to a Medicaid program that is already tipping into insolvency is irresponsible.

But those upset at the decision last week by a New Hampshire legislative committee to cover gender reassignment surgery under Medicaid should direct their critiques to Washington, D.C.

The Joint Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (JLCAR) does not set policy. It oversees changes to state rules to ensure they comply with statute.

Health and Human Services Commissioner Jeffrey Meyers brought the rules forward to bring New Hampshire’s Medicaid program in compliance with federal guidelines. Those guidelines should be changed by Congress.

Transgender individuals should receive the same benefits as anyone else under Medicaid. That does not mean they should have access to elective surgery with no inherently medical purpose. They can pay for such choices themselves.

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