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Let's make a deal: ACLU lawsuit dismissed

August 08. 2017 11:36PM

The American Civil Liberties Union of New Hampshire has struck a pretty good deal.

The secretary of state will share the state’s voter checklist information with the President’s commission on voter fraud, and the ACLU has agreed to pretend it won.

The request for data from the states only ever asked for publicly available information, and New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner only ever agreed to provide publicly available information. Yet the ACLU-NH sued anyway, on behalf of state Sen. Bette Lasky, D-Nashua, and state Rep. Neal Kurk, R-Weare.

They dropped the frivolous lawsuit just before Superior Court Judge Charles Temple was going to hear their frivolous arguments and are now trying to claim some sort of victory.

The hysteria over the commission’s request for public voter checklists was never anything more than political grandstanding. Such foolishness would have been exposed in court.

The only deal on voter checklists is the sweetheart deal that gives political parties privileged access to the state’s electronic voter database. The New Hampshire Democratic Party has for years used this perk to sell data on New Hampshire voters, turning a profit by hawking the voter file to presidential campaigns.

If the ACLU-NH is really that concerned about voters’ privacy, surely it will push the Legislature to end its deal with the state’s political parties.

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