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Licensed to work: Making it easier to move to NH

February 21. 2018 10:20PM

If a professional holds a valid license in another state, should New Hampshire allow that person to work here while getting a New Hampshire license?

That’s the question behind an amendment to Senate Bill 334, up for debate by the New Hampshire Senate today.

Keene Democratic Sen. Jay Kahn introduced a bipartisan bill giving occupational therapists and other health providers from New England states and New York the ability to work in New Hampshire for 120 days while they got their Granite State paperwork together. Such reciprocity makes sense. We can have some faith that other states are not licensing unqualified professionals.

The Senate Finance Committee expanded on this sound notion, requiring all state licensing agencies to provide 120 days of reciprocity to all licensed professionals from any state.

This would not undermine New Hampshire’s control over occupational licensing. It would merely allow people who hold a valid license to move to New Hampshire, and get to work right away. They would need to demonstrate their qualifications under New Hampshire law within 120 days.

Occupational licensing can create unnecessary barriers to work. Temporarily recognizing out-of-state licenses would help make it just a little easier for skilled workers to move to New Hampshire.

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