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Northern Pass theory: Did SEC not get the memo?

February 12. 2018 6:16PM

There remains much to sort through from the state Site Evaluation Committee’s sudden and stunning decision to deny the huge and transformative Northern Pass electricity transmission project. One thing should now be clear to the plan’s opponents: The system was clearly not rigged against them, despite the insistence of many foes to the contrary.

This claim was one of the most vexing issues in trying to deal with some — not all — of the project’s foes. Their conspiracy theories were numerous and mind-boggling and not much shy of the tin-hat variety:

Gov. Chris Sununu favored the plan because he received political contributions. The Union Leader favored the plan because one of the governor’s staff is married to an editorial writer here. There is no need for more reliable electricity sources for New England because our rates are really not higher than elsewhere; and New Hampshire doesn’t need any more power. And Hydro Quebec’s power is not clean energy because trees were sacrificed in building its dams.

All such poppycock couldn’t hold a candle, though, to the claim that the seven-member Site Evaluation Commmittee was in the project’s hip pocket and would rubber stamp its approval.

Did the rubber stamp run out of ink?


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