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Pointing fingers: Edwards hits opponents on opioids

October 05. 2017 11:52PM

The most frustrating aspect of New Hampshire’s years-long struggle to end the epidemic of opioid overdoses is that there simply isn’t a law we can pass to fix it.

This is a complex problem, and there are limits to government’s power to shape society.

It is disappointing to see Eddie Edwards, a promising conservative candidate for Congress, pointing fingers at incumbent Democratic Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter and possible Republican challenger Andy Sanborn, as if either could have done more to reduce drug overdoses.

Edwards claims that Shea-Porter’s resistance to the Trump administration has hampered efforts to curb opioid abuse, but there’s no evidence of that. Federal grant programs could be better targeted to states most in need, but this is one area where Congress has made some bipartisan progress.

The knock on Sanborn is also groundless. Sanborn is skeptical of a $1.1 million federal grant to the state insurance department to study how insurers handle mental health and substance abuse. This grant would have no direct impact on drug abuse, and Sanborn wants more information before accepting the federal money.

We look forward to hearing Edwards’ ideas. Blaming his political opponents for a problem no one knows how to solve is hardly constructive.

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