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Public enemies: The traitor and the terrorist

January 19. 2017 12:22AM

Bradley Manning is a traitor.

Oscar Lopez Rivera is a terrorist.

Barack Obama doesn’t care.

Manning was a U.S. Army private first class when he sent American military secrets to WikiLeaks. In 2013, he was sentenced to 35 years in prison for violations of the Espionage Act.

In 2014, he decided that he was really a woman and legally changed his name to Chelsea, but that is irrelevant.

The radical anti-American left has decided that Manning’s treason makes him a hero.

Rivera was a radical Marxist bent on gaining Puerto Rico’s independence from the United States through violence.

In 1981, he was convicted of seditious conspiracy for his actions as a member of FALN, a terrorist group that claimed responsibility for deadly bombings in Chicago and New York.

In 1988, Rivera was sentenced to an additional 15 years for attempting to escape using grenades and C-4 explosives. He has never expressed the slightest remorse for his crimes.

Manning and Rivera are enemies of the United States. President Obama commuted their prison sentences on Tuesday. The treasonous soldier and the terrorist bomber will go free later this year.

Obama’s ridiculous decision to release these criminals will not tarnish his legacy as President. It will confirm it.

Barack Obama is an unserious man, who puts leftist causes ahead of America’s security.

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