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Rainy Day raid: Woodburn can't be serious

December 15. 2017 12:10AM

If you were somehow clinging to the unsupported notion that Democrats in the state Senate should be taken seriously when they discuss the New Hampshire budget, Jeff Woodburn is here to clear things up.

Having dragged the Granite State out of the budget hole dug by Democrats, Republicans have actually managed to rebuild the state’s depleted Rainy Day Fund. This is a great accomplishment, providing a backstop against the next recession and improving the state’s ability to borrow funds for capital projects.

So naturally, Woodburn and his budget-busting chums want to undo it.

The Rainy Day Fund currently has about $100 million. Ideally, it would be $140 million, or about 10 percent of the state’s annual operating budget, but $100 million is pretty good.

Senate Democrats this week unveiled a half-baked plan to spend $10 million on state health programs to deal with the opioid crisis.

Two years ago, Republicans increased state spending on drug treatment and prevention programs by 75 percent. Democrats opposed it.

This year, Gov. Chris Sununu doubled the program. Democrats said it wasn’t enough. It’s never enough, though there is no evidence pouring another $10 million into the program would do anything.

The GOP put out the fire Democrats started, and Woodburn is playing with matches again. Raiding the Rainy Day Fund is not a serious suggestion.

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