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Remember them: Not much to ask on Memorial Day

May 26. 2018 10:38PM

Monday marks Memorial Day for most of us. Wednesday is May 30, which was for years the traditional holiday and is still favored by some.

No matter the day or date, Memorial Day is too often honored more in the breach than in the observance. Summer is almost here. Time for a barbecue or a ballgame.

We don't think the men who lie in Flanders fields or Normandy, Arlington, or Boscawen would begrudge the living their recreation. To be free to enjoy life in America is one of the reasons these men fought in battles from Bunker Hill to Bull Run, from Antietam to the Argonne, from Khe Sanh to Kandahar.

New Hampshire men and boys, and women, have served in theaters of war and endured much, hoping and praying just to be able to come back home one day and enjoy the peace and quiet of a beach in Hampton, a pond in Spofford, or a spot above treeline on Mt. Washington.

Some of them made it back. Others did not. They and the families who loved and supported and prayed for them sacrificed much, but they do not ask much from us in return.

Just remember them, on Memorial Day.


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