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Save the bears: Don't feed them

March 22. 2018 8:54PM

Ah, the rites of spring. Move your clocks forward an hour. Change the batteries in your smoke detectors. Take in your bird feeder so the bears don’t get to it.

New Hampshire Fish and Game officials are warning homeowners that despite the March snowstorms, the 6,000 black bears that live in New Hampshire are about to wake up, and they are going to be hungry.

We would not want a repeat of last year’s Han-over bears saga. A mother bear and her three cubs became frequent visitors in a Hanover neighborhood where people left bird feeders out and failed to secure their trash cans.

The Fish and Game Department had decided to kill the bears in order to protect the neighborhood when Gov. Chris Sununu stepped in and ordered the bears be relocated.

The three juvenile bears were released in the North Country. One moved to Canada and was shot by a hunter. Mama Bear stopped prowling around the Hanover homes.

Leaving birdseed or trash where bears can get to it teaches them that humans mean a free meal, rather than something to be avoided. That’s bad for the bears, and a danger to people.

Some people insist on feeding wild bears against the advice of biologists and wildlife officials.

So please, take down your bird feeder and secure your trash cans. Otherwise, you might find Gov. Sununu camping out in your backyard trying to scare the bears away.

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