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Sideshow: Campaigning in the courtroom

July 11. 2018 9:42PM

Democrats hoping to block New Hampshire’s new ballot law in Hillsborough County Superior Court have given the game away.

In seeking to put the sponsors of Senate Bill 3 on trial, the plaintiffs demonstrate that their intention is to turn the lawsuit into a political sideshow as they grill Republican lawmakers.

The law passed last year would establish clear guidelines for local election officials to determine if people new to New Hampshire have moved here and so are eligible to vote, or are just passing through.

Gov. Chris Sununu has asked the state Supreme Court for an advisory opinion on a separate bill that would clarify the state’s confusing residency requirements. Secretary of State Bill Gardner has been pushing the Legislature to update the state’s voter registration laws for years.

Democrats claim both bills are aimed at keeping college students from voting, though nothing in either bill would do so. Unable to win their argument at the State House, Democrats fled to the court house, looking for a judge to take their conspiracy theories seriously.

New Hampshire’s ballot access laws have long been confusing and vulnerable to out-of-state voters who wish to vote in the Granite State. Efforts to fix these laws would not disenfranchise anyone eligible to vote.

Courts should not consider the Democratic Party’s baseless smears as evidence.

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