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Single payer? House can send a message

January 17. 2018 6:17PM

We salute Dover Democratic state Rep. Peter Schmidt for sponsoring a bill to impose a single-payer health care system on New Hampshire.

It is always useful when Democrats drop the veil, and give voters an unfiltered look at what they would do if they thought they could get away with it.

For the same reason, we applauded Rep. Paul Henle when he said he was going to introduce an income tax bill last year. Henle chickened out, and tax-and-spend liberals did not have to go on the record on the matter.

Now comes Schmidt with HB 1793, a half-baked plan to put the state of New Hampshire in charge of your health care. If you like your doctor, too bad.

In a way, Schmidt is also calling for an income tax, for there would be no way for the state to pay for such a massive program other than a broadbased tax.

Schmidt’s bill appropriates $1, which makes HB 1793 little more than a piece of performance art. Democrats in the state’s safest seats can pander to their liberal base about how they tried to bring universal health care to the Granite State.

They would only bring higher costs, fewer choices, and the long waits plaguing the British and Canadian national health care systems.

The House Commerce Committee held a hearing on Schmidt’s bill last week, and has scheduled a vote on it today.

As we advised on the income tax bill that never happened, the House should give single payer a fair trial, and then hang it.

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