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The Paint Tax is back: Bad ideas never die

January 16. 2018 6:33PM

Sen. Dan Feltes really believes in recycling.

So much so that he’s been rifling through the ash bin of history to bring back another bad idea.

Last week, the Senate Ways and Means Committee held a hearing on Sen. Lou D’Allesandro’s attempt to revive the ill-fated Canoe Tax. Today, the Senate Executive Departments and Administration Committee is scheduled to take up Feltes’ bill tp bring back the Paint Tax.

The Legislature dealt with this bad idea in 2014. The Democratic House actually passed the Paint Stewardship Program, which included a Paint Stewardship Assessment.

In English, we call that a tax. The Republican Senate quickly killed the Paint Tax, and even got a few Democrats to vote against it, including Liberal Lou, Donna Soucy, and Jeff Woodburn.

Feltes has recycled the Paint Tax as the Architectural Paint Recycling Program. Paint producers would not be able to sell in New Hampshire unless they set up a paint can recycling program acceptable to New Hampshire bureaucrats. Feltes would outsource the cost of these programs to the private sector, rather than having government pay for them.

This is taxation through regulation. Feltes needs to understand that the cost of his bad idea would still be borne by consumers, even if he tries to ignore it.

Imagine if you wanted to paint your canoe. Democrats would have you pay twice.

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