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VW money: Taxes and spending on electrics

February 20. 2018 11:30PM

New Hampshire officials are trying to decide how to spend the state’s share of the massive $14.7 billion settlement Volkswagen paid to settle charges of cheating on its emissions control systems.

The Granite State is in line for $31 million, and may use up to 15 percent of that total to build charging stations for electric vehicles. It may also use the money to replace aging diesel-engine vehicles with more fuel-efficient models.

It would be ironic if New Hampshire decided to spend money building electric vehicle charging stations even as it moves to charge more for fuel-efficient vehicles.

The House is considering a bill to ramp up annual car registration fees for every car in New Hampshire that gets better than 20 miles per gallon. Electric vehicles would pay an extra $111 per year, while most passenger vehicles would fall on a sliding scale, depending on how much gas they guzzle.

Lawmakers are looking for ways to replace gas tax revenues, even though those revenues are currently exceeding budget projections. As more cars use less gas, the state will need a new way to pay for roads and bridges.

Subsidizing electric vehicles and then taxing them would represent the chaos that comes from social engineering. We’d be building contrasting incentives for and against greater fuel efficiency.

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