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War on women: Dems raise cash in name of cads

November 20. 2017 10:14PM

Showing a stunning lack of self-awareness, New Hampshire Democrats gathered on Friday night to honor serial philanderers.

Last year, the New Hampshire Democratic Party whitewashed its history, scrubbing Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson from the title of its largest annual fundraising dinner.

Instead, Democrats chose to honor Presidents John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton. Minnesota Sen. Al Franken wasn’t available.

To be fair, President Kennedy’s cavalier treatment of women never endangered them. That was his baby brother.

Clinton mistreated women for decades, abused the power of his elected offices, and lied under oath to cover it up. With his political influence waning, many Democrats are now claiming that they should have believed women who accused Slick Willy of sexual assault.

Clinton’s loathsome behavior, and the fervor with which his Democratic apologists attacked those who brought it up, lowered the bar for acceptable political behavior.

New Hampshire Democrats are free to criticize the bad behavior of President Donald Trump and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. They would have more credibility if they didn’t do so while raising money under Clinton’s stained legacy.

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