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Clean energy dance: Pretending to support renewables

February 15. 2018 6:46PM

Clean energy advocates filled Concord’s City Council chambers this week, pretending to want to move the city to 100 percent renewable energy by 2050.

The green energy machine likes to pretend that we are this close to getting rid of fossil fuels, if only we’d increase subsidies for rooftop solar panels or build a few more windmills.

In truth, every alternative source of energy comes with its own costs. Renewable energy sources make up a tiny portion of the electrical grid and the cost of replacing coal, oil, and natural gas would be astronomical.

How many states would clean energy advocates cover in solar panels? How many mountain ridges would they top with wind turbines? How many high capacity power lines would be needed? And how would they keep their power running on calm, cloudy days and windless nights?

Buy enough batteries and power lines, and it could happen.

But the Concord City Council isn’t talking about that. It’s considering a do-nothing pledge to move to renewable power in 32 years.

Meanwhile, a 54-acre solar farm is stuck at the zoning board. That should show Concord’s real commitment to renewable energy, whether or not it passes a useless resolution making promises for the next generation.

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