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Big game hunters: Marchand, Kelly bare all

September 07. 2018 4:11PM

The two Democrats hoping to unseat incumbent Gov. Chris Sununu have been grasping at straws. Although, come to think of it, these are both self-proclaimed "progressives'' who have probably sworn off using straws. Must save the environment, of course.

Both Steve Marchand and Molly Kelly cite the governor doing supposedly frivolous things as reason for him to be thrown out. He arm-wrestled a champion. He drove a school bus in a race. He complained about the position of a price sticker on a supermarket product.

Marchand and Kelly are not stupid. They both know that in the non-budget year of a two-year term, the governor's job has much to do with ceremonial things.

Yet when given the opportunity to whack him for interfering in a serious issue that is not his business, the two instead took the frivolous route. At last week's televised debate, the two were asked whether they would have shot a bear that has caused repeated trouble in and around Hanover or, like the governor, order the bear relocated to another area.

Both opted for relocation, which is what happened and, as predicted, the bear found its way back.

It would have been nice if at least one of these candidates had pointed out that the governor has no business interfering with the Fish and Game Department in such matters. Better he stick to the deli counter or the bus-driving circuit.

As for Kelly and Marchand, we suspect either one would make the governor's job the "Interferer-in-Chief'' should they be given the chance.


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