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Confirm Kavanaugh: End this disgraceful farce

September 28. 2018 4:15PM

The politics of personal destruction reached a new low last week in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

We cannot imagine what it was like for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh to be dragged through this sewer pipe of a Supreme Court confirmation process.

Ford's testimony that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her during a party in 1982 was powerful and credible. But it has not been supported by any other evidence. The witnesses Ford placed at the party don't remember any such party happening. Ford did not mention Kavanaugh's name until 30 years after the alleged attack, prompted by seeing him mentioned as a potential Supreme Court justice. Such unsupported memories cannot be relied upon to sustain such a charge.

Kavanaugh anger at committee Democrats was justified. They sat on Ford's claim for six weeks, bringing it forward in a last-ditch attempt to stop him.

As Democrats stalled, Kavanaugh and his family were subjected to increasingly ludicrous attacks.

Some senators seek further delay so the FBI can investigate Ford's claim, and two other unsupported charges. There is nothing left to investigate. Ford does not remember where or when the party took place. There is no physical evidence after 36 years, and the potential witnesses deny knowing anything.

Moreover, the committee itself has investigated every attack on Kavanaugh, and two men who claimed they were the person who attacked Ford. Most of these claims have been properly dismissed. Reviewing Supreme Court nominations is the Senate's job, not the FBI's.

Given the chance to question Kavanaugh about the alleged assault, committee Democrats asked about his yearbook and how much he drank in college. Enough.

Kavanaugh has an impressive record as a judge, and has won praise from liberal and conservative legal experts. It is time to end this farce and confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.


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