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For Executive Council: Gatsas, like Wieczorek, good choice

August 17. 2018 4:14PM

One of New Hampshire's most effective conservative watchdogs at the Executive Council in Concord was former Manchester mayor Ray Wieczorek. One who would do well following in his footsteps is former Manchester mayor Ted Gatsas.

There must be something about running New Hampshire's largest city, and dealing with unions, contracts, and a myriad of personalities, that makes for a good training ground for the council job.

Of course, both Wieczorek and Gatsas came from successful careers in the private sector before seeking to serve in the public. That, too, no doubt helped them.

The council job in New Hampshire, unlike in most other states, is a meaningful and important position. Its members review most state contracts and vote either yay or nay on many gubernatorial appointments. They can either assist a good governor or help thwart a bad one.

Not much attention is paid to partisan politics in the middle of August. But we wish those Republicans and independents in the greater Manchester area would make a mental note to vote for Ted Gatsas for Executive Council in the Tuesday, Sept. 11, primary.


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