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High school fishing: Kudos to Kearsarge, NHIAA

October 05. 2018 4:36PM

With the general election looming, it seems fitting to address a subject that has spawned a lot of tall tales but has rarely descended to the depths of divisiveness where too many political bottom feeders currently lie.

We refer to the recently concluded NHIAA state bass fishing competition. Politicians and cable-TV junkies would do well to follow the kids outside to calmer, quieter waters.The state's interscholastic athletic association introduced fishing to its competitive sports list in 2013. It has attracted some healthy competition and given students some lessons in patience and character that Washington and Concord would do well to learn.

Good for the NHIAA for the decision to become just the third state in the country to add this competition to its roster. It speaks well of the association and of the state.

Two rounds were held. The first took place on Lake Winnipesaukee in mid-September. More than 30 schools competed. The finals, with 11 teams, were held last Saturday on Lake Sunapee.

As noted in the Sunday News a week ago, Kearsarge came out the winner, with its team catching eight fish that weighed a total of 24-plus pounds. Kearsarge had finished second two years ago.Rounding out the top five finishers were Windham, Sunapee, Coe-Brown, and Monadnock.

Congratulations to them all, and to the coaches who helped the teams and the folks who helped with gear and boats.

These youngsters should also consider themselves blessed. A century ago, a barefoot boy might get his cheeks tanned if he told the schoolmarm he was out at the pond with the coach's okay.


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