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Sullivan part of VA mess: The flack wants to go back to DC

August 17. 2018 4:14PM

Maura Sullivan just got here, but she wants to go back to Washington.

Sullivan moved to New Hampshire last year after shopping for a district where she could run for Congress.

You may have seen Sullivan's campaign commercial boasting that "President Barack Obama tapped her to help lead veteran affairs and serve as an advisor in the Pentagon." It's worth examining what Sullivan actually did as a member of the Obama administration.

In October, 2014, Obama appointed Sullivan as Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs for the Office of Public & Intergovernmental Affairs. In June, 2015, she was named Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs. She was a public relations flack.

There's nothing wrong with working as a government public relations flack, but let's not pretend Sullivan was actually a key leader at either the VA or the Pentagon.

Sullivan was a captain in the U.S. Marine Corps and served in Iraq in 2005. She should be proud of that service. But her attempts to puff up her time shilling for the Obama administration should not go unchallenged.

Moreover, serving in Obama's VA Department is hardly a badge of honor. Sullivan took the job in the midst of the VA scandal, which exposed incompetence and fraud throughout the department.

With Sullivan running his communications team, VA Secretary Robert McDonald went on Meet the Press in February, 2015, to claim that 60 VA employees had been fired for manipulating patient wait times. This was categorically false. Did Sullivan assist in Sec. McDonald's manipulation of those numbers?

The Obama administration's response to the VA scandal was shameful. Maura Sullivan was part of the problem. It is certainly no reason to send her to Congress.


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