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Support family leave

April 23. 2018 6:25PM

To the Editor: Our representatives often say that they are for building our families, which entails building better communities. To be able to build up our initial community of our family we need to have the ability to create bonds.

For the past few years, our local representatives have been working on a bill relative to a family medical leave insurance program (HB 628) that would allow families to create bonds with their new children (newborns, adopted, foster, etc.) as well as their ill, aging parents, without having the fear of not having an income during the times they need to create these bonds.

Although our current representatives have been working diligently to get this bill passed in New Hampshire, there have been some obstacles over the past few years they have had to face and overcome. The House Finance Committee looked into one of these obstacles, and found a reasonable way to fund this program. With that being said, the hope is that when the bill comes to the floor of the state Senate, our senators will vote in favor and be the change that we need to see in our community.


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