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Manchester road management plan includes $5.4m in improvements

New Hampshire Union Leader

May 15. 2018 11:31PM

MANCHESTER — Public works officials went before the Board of Mayor and Aldermen Tuesday night with details of the city’s Fiscal Year 2019 Road Management Plan, which includes over $5.4 million worth of improvements along more than 50 miles of road in Manchester.

City Public Works Director Kevin Sheppard, along with city engineers Todd Connors and David Winslow, city engineers with the city’s public works department, gave a presentation to city aldermen laying out details of the proposed FY’19 road plan.

According to Connors, portions of the following roads have been selected for improvements during the 2018 construction season:

• Union Street

• Bridge Street Ext.

• Pine Street

• Mammoth Road

• Chestnut Street

• S. Beech Street

• Maple Street

• McGregor Street

• Lake Avenue

• Amherst Street

• Beech Street

• S. Mammoth Road

• Varney Street

Work along Bridge Street and Wellington Road has already been completed, Connors said.

“We do a lot of pre-planning when choosing the roads we work on,” said Sheppard. “We want to make sure the roads won’t be reopened for utility work for at least five years.”

“We have some really rough roads in Manchester, and they are on our radar screen,” said Connors. According to Connors, there are approximately 403 miles of road surface in the city.

According to Connors, approximately $5,425,000 is included in Mayor Joyce Craig’s budget proposal earmarked for work along 22 miles of city roads in FY’19, with another 30 miles of crack sealing work, broken down as follows:

• Preventative: 5-10 percent of funding, on 31.5 miles

• Preservation: 20-25 percent of funding, along 6.5 miles

• Resurfacing: 40-55 percent of funds, over 10 miles

• Reconstruction: 20-25 percent of funds, over 4 miles

The $5,425,000 in budgeted funds include a $3,525,000 road bond, $1.5 million in degradation funds, and $400,000 in Community Block Development Grants.

Connors said the road management plan is drafted annually with the following objectives in mind: preserving good roads, choosing the right treatment, maximizing the life span, and minimizing the cost.

“You guys are great, I don’t know how many times I’ve called and my constituents’ problems are fixed within 24 hours,” said Alderman Chris Herbert of Ward 4.

“We’re excited to get some contractors in town, and get working on the roads,” said Connors.

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