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Integra Biosciences

September 21. 2017 11:19AM
Integra Biosciences designs and builds products for handling liquids in labs. (ALLEGRA BOVERMAN)

Integra Biosciences
2 Wentworth Drive, Hudson

INNOVATION: The liquid handling product company designs and builds products like pipettes, pipette tips, containers and reagent reservoirs. The focus is on consistency and productivity, all meant to help benefit the lab technicians who use the products. They are also one of the only companies that designs, builds, sells and fixes all of their own products.

LEADERSHIP: Gary Nelson, Larry Keene and George Kalmakis started what would become Integra Biosciences in 2006. They now serve as vice chairman, vice president of worldwide sales and vice president of operations, respectively.

WORKFORCE: Integra has more than 200 employees throughout the world. About half of them are located in Hudson, with a similar number found in the company’s operation in Switzerland. Sales representatives are also scattered throughout the U.S., marketing Integra’s products full-time.


HISTORY: The company was originally called ViaFlo until it was taken under the umbrella of Integra, which is headquartered in Switzerland. Some of the products still include the original company’s name. The three founders have spent their entire careers working in this field, working for Matrix Technologies Corp., which was found in 1984.

COMMUNITY: Integra encourages a healthy workplace community by holding different events for employees throughout the year, such as a fall festival and barbecues in the summer. The company also has participated in the Cigna/Elliot 5K run in Manchester.

TECHNOLOGY: Robot-like devices increase productivity for the lab workers. The machines hold the electronic pipette, automating the process of collecting the liquids and putting them in wells. They also sell a unique, snowflake-like-patterned reservoir that allows the most amount of liquid to be sucked up.


SPOTLIGHTThe company donated $10,000 to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to help with breast cancer research. The money came from the sale of their PIPETGIRL controller. Fifteen dollars from each sale was put aside for that donation.

REBOUND RECRUIT: Jared Proulx, technical services manager

Proulx has worked with the company since 2008, starting as an intern up to his current role as technical services manager. Proulx said he’s grateful for the opportunity he’s had to travel in his career thanks to Integra — he handled the company’s sales from Denver and Seattle.

But after four years away from the East Coast, he wanted to come home be able to spend time with his family and the New England culture. 

“There’s really no place like New England,” Proulx said. “I’m a New Englander at heart.”

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