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Jewell Instruments

September 21. 2017 11:19AM
Jewell employs 110 people at the Manchester location and an additional 60 team members at its Barbados facility. (Allegra Boverman)

Jewell Instruments
850 Perimeter Road, Manchester

INNOVATION: Jewell Instruments’ Sensors and Controls division designs, manufactures and distributes application-specific precision accelerometer and inclinometer product lines for the military, aerospace, rail transportation, geophysical/geotechnical and industrial markets around the globe.

LEADERSHIP: Carlo Carluccio, CEO and president; Stephen Morin, chief financial officer; and Brian Ward, director of business development.

WORKFORCE: Jewell employs 110 people at the Manchester location and an additional 60 team members at its Barbados facility.

HISTORY: Jewell was established in 1936 to meet the needs of a growing demand for analog meters. Over the next 80 years, as the business grew, the market evolved to a more highly developed technology, and Jewell shifted its focus to the inertial sensor component marketplace. In 2012, the acquisition of an electrolytic tiltmeter company further strengthened Jewell Instruments’ presence in the geophysical and geotechnical markets. In 2013, Jewell launched its first digital interface, force-balanced accelerometer and inclinometer product lines. In February 2016, Jewell introduced the first MEMS accelerometer for the rail transportation industry, which is patent pending, and was CENELEC/AREMA certified for the North America and European marketplaces.

COMMUNITY: Jewell has always been tied closely with the Manchester community. Each year, it supports the Salvation Army with local fundraising drives. In addition, team members select annually a different nonprofit organization to support and fund such as Veterans Count, New Horizons Soup Kitchen and Shelter, the Manchester Animal Shelter, the Boys and Girls Club of Manchester and Hope for New Hampshire Recovery, to name a few.

TECHNOLOGY: Jewell Instruments’ Sensors and Controls division uses force-balanced (servo), MEMS, quartz-flexure, and electrolytic sensor technologies to meet many demanding precision inertial and tilt applications. Jewell sensors have several analog and digital output variants which include 0-5Vdc, +/-5Vdc, 4-20mA, RS232, RS485, and Ethernet outputs. Jewell has designed and built several custom automated test stands in order to calibrate and compensate its sensor components.

SPOTLIGHT: In October 2016, Jewell was selected as a finalist in the running for the New Hampshire High Tech Council’s “Product of the Year” with its JMA-165 MEMS Rail Accelerometer. In June 2017, Jewell introduced the digital MEMS JDI series Inclinometer with full temperature compensation, which was recently entered in the electronics/sensors/IOT category of “TECH BRIEFS Create the Future 2017 Design Contest.”

Brian Ward, director of business development

HOT HIRES: Brian Ward, director of business development

Brian Ward, 58, director of business development, left New Hampshire in 1992, working in Illinois and Pennsylvania before returning to the Granite State in 2012 to work at Jewell.

“All my direct family still lives here,” said the 1977 Exeter High School grad, who now lives in Laconia. “It was great to come to live in the area where I originally came from. Jewell was a real nice opportunity.”

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