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Welcome letter for 2017 NH Innovators: Expanding our workforce with the three R's

September 21. 2017 10:42AM
Matt Cookson, president & CEO Cookson Strategic Communications, poses with artwork at his offices in Manchester on Aug. 21, 2017. (DAVID LANE/UNION LEADER)

Recently, the NH High Tech Council gathered a group of senior marketing professionals to brainstorm about how we could effectively market New Hampshire as a work destination to those from out of state. Expanding our workforce is a necessity and efforts are focusing on the three R’s – Recruit, Retain, Retrain – with the recognition that we need to do all three.

We went around the room and discussed what attracted us to the state and quickly learned that three of the eight were natives and all three attended college out of state. We found common ground regarding what brought those three back and attracted the other five to the Granite State. It was career opportunities in jobs that had a lot of flexibility in them and the ability to do many different things instead of adhere to a strict job description. Those jobs allowed us to create careers here.

While New Hampshire has some great large companies, the majority of our businesses have fewer than 100 employees. This is true for the tech sector as well. The opportunities for growth within these businesses are far and wide. With a very low unemployment rate, an unmatched four season quality of life and over 2,000 quality job openings in the tech sector alone, New Hampshire really is an attractive place to start or advance a career.

In addition, the fact that the U.S. Census just ranked New Hampshire number one in the country for highest median family income demonstrates that you can earn more and keep more in your pocket here due to the lack of a personal income or sales tax. We also offer new opportunities for apprenticeships in information technology, healthcare and advanced manufacturing are available for those looking to change careers and receive on the job training through the ApprenticeshipsUSA-NH program.

This second annual NH Innovators magazine focuses on the recruiting angle and highlights how some of our leading companies are attracting and growing talent to address workforce needs. While unique perks, benefits and workforce flexibility are some of the elements associated with successful recruiting, being part of a growing ecosystem is another part of the equation. This second edition of NH Innovators features companies who excel at innovation, while highlighting some of their employees who chose to move or return to New Hampshire for our abundant job opportunities and lifestyle advantages.

For this edition, we are not only featuring companies who excel at innovation, we are profiling young professionals who joined these companies from out of state and learning about what attracted them to the Granite State and their current employer. While they came here from a variety of regions, the common denominator seems to be around that notion of being able to create a career in a state that is employee friendly and offers great opportunities to explore natural resources such as mountains, lakes, the ocean and urban centers often within an hour drive.

We hope you enjoy reading and sharing these stories and learning more about what makes our ecosystem special.

Thank you,

Matt Cookson, Executive Director NH High Tech Council

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