BRENTWOOD — A Derry man who plays in an adult softball league is suing another player, saying he suffered partial vision loss after he was hit by a ball during a warmup.

According to the suit, Jean Beaulieu, who is a member of the “Kingston Vets” adult softball team, was attending a game against a team called the “Wildings” on a Kingston softball field.

The suit said the prior game had ended early and the field was free until the warmup began for the two teams on July 17, 2016.

“During that time some people, including the defendant (Noah Nelson), went onto the field and used it for their own softball activity,” the suit said.

According to the lawsuit, Nelson was standing at or near home plate and was hitting balls to someone in the outfield.

“This continued until it was time for the scheduled warmup, which did not involve any batting,” the suit states.

Beaulieu was standing on the third base line and saw Nelson start to walk off the field toward the dugout, the suit says. The 29-year-old Beaulieu claims that Nelson then turned back to the field and hit one more ball. Instead of hitting to the outfield, Beaulieu alleges Nelson hit a line drive down the third-base line and struck him in the face.

Beaulieu claims that Nelson gave no warning that he was about to hit another ball.

“This activity of the defendant, of hitting balls, was not part of the organized pre-game warmup (by) either team,” the suit said.

According to the suit, the ball crushed Beaulieu’s left eye socket and fragmented facial bones. Beaulieu, whose medical bills exceeded $26,363, now has partial vision and depth perception in his left eye, which is permanently dilated and creates light sensitivity, the suit said.

Jean Beaulieu and his wife, Courtney, filed the lawsuit in Rockingham County Superior Court last week.

Beaulieu claims that he can no longer play softball or other contact sports that require depth perception and peripheral vision and is at risk of having a detached retina.

Nelson, of Hampton, could not be reached for comment.