Tirrell Hill Road Bridge, Goffstown

Pictures from the Goffstown Department of Public Works detailing significant rust deterioration on the underside of Tirrell Hill Road Bridge.  

GOFFSTOWN — In addition to ongoing traffic snarls from Goffstown’s ongoing Village rebuild projects, residents can expect detours and additional delays over the next two weeks as the town begins maintenance work to repair what officials refer to as “significant deterioration” on the Tirrell Hill Road bridge and the East Dunbarton Road bridge.

Current plans for both bridges involve scraping down accumulated rust on the underside of the structures and replacing the metal beams that connect the guardrail to the stringers that run along the length of the bridge bottom.

Town engineer Sarah Dinwoodie said work will begin with Tirrell Hill on Monday and is expected to take about a week, after which crews will move on to East Dunbarton Road for about the same length of time.

The town has distributed doorhangers to residents near both bridges to notify them of the impending detours and traffic delays, and has added maps of the detour routes to the town’s website.

While neither structure is on the state’s red list, Director of Public Works Meghan Theriault said the current repairs will be a temporary fix until the town can receive funds from the State Bridge Aid Program in the DOT’s 2029-39 10-year plan.

“Really the whole deck does need to be replaced, but the town doesn’t have enough money to do that,” said Theriault. “So the plan is to take the worst part, which is the rails, and then apply for bridge aid funding and try to get it in the 10-year plan.”

Theriault said the town applied to have the two decks replaced as part of the 2019-28 10-year plan, but was denied because state officials felt more steps could be taken to extend the lifespans of the bridges, which were both built in 1994 with bridge aid funding, before full deck replacements could be considered.

Residents with questions or concerns about the projects are encouraged to call Sarah Dinwoodie at 603-497-3617, ext. 250.