It was our misfortune not to have known Nashua Alderman Brian McCarthy personally other than through an occasional handshake. But it is clear that the Gate City mourns his passing and will sorely miss him.

As Nashua columnist Joan T. Stylianos puts it, “Twenty-five years on the Board of Aldermen, tons of meetings and events attended, countless hours away from family and friends. His devotion to Nashua was unique and admirable.

“Folks here get paid virtually peanuts to serve as an alderman or board of education member, for example. You really need to love the job and the commitment, and that, he did.’’

It is like that for a lot of New Hampshire’s public servants. Tuesday’s elections show, however, that a lot of our fellow citizens do stand for office to do their part in shaping the future of our state and its towns and cities.

Brian McCarthy was a standout. An alderman for 25 years, he was instrumental in the projects that are now Nashua’s two public high schools, North and South.

He was serving as aldermanic president for a fifth time when, at just 64 years of age, he was cut down by a heart attack.

No doubt, the stress of his public service work took a toll. No doubt Brian McCarthy would wave that off as just “part of the job.’’

It is trite to say someone will be missed. In this case, it is also the truth.