To the Editor: In 2016 Gov. Sununu claimed we should vote for him because he’s environmentally aware. After he was elected, he said it’s up to Trump; it’s not the governor’s job to do anything about climate change — “it’s nothing I’ve ever thought about,” and he discounted the significance of human causation!

In 2017, he overhauled the 10-year state energy plan just created in 2014. The vast majority of the testimony at the required hearings was in favor of increasing energy efficiency, clean, renewable energy sources and ending fossil fuels soon. He decided to focus on the monetary interests of the fossil fuel industry, as promoted by the Koch brothers lobbying groups and the Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, where the governor’s father and brothers have been active for years. It has received money from the Koch brothers’ “dark money” entity, Donors Capital Fund.

I have watched New Hampshire legislators sponsor a barrage of bills attempting to end or diminish programs that are pro-environment. Many are bad for renewables and good for the fossil fuel/utility industries, but you wouldn’t know it unless you understood who the ultimate winners and losers are. They talk about puny amounts of money, claiming concern about subsidies. Meanwhile, fossil fuel corporations continue to receive trillions in subsidies while “externalizing” costs to the public in the form of suffering and paying for one disaster and dislocation after another.

Fighting this is not someone else’s job in a democracy.

Please care and vote accordingly.