He has the blues

To the Editor: Nationally, the “Blue Wave” appears to have left the Democrats in a blue lagoon. In New Hampshire, Democrat Molly Kelly argued in every campaign ad that Gov. Chris Sununu would take millions from the public school system through “school choice” programs. Apparently, Democrats believe every child’s education, and perhaps every child, belongs to the state.

Ann Kuster won again for Congress. Second District voters keep doing their part to make even conservatives miss Charlie Bass.

In the First District, Chris Pappas spent a lot of money on ads in which he stressed the need to “get money out of politics.” He gave us a virtual textbook example of a “positive” campaign, meaning he said nothing and he said it courageously. Aside from the ritual Democratic genuflection to “reproductive freedom,” he stayed away from issues with sharp edges. He came across as a nice young man who simply wants to make the world better for everyone.

State Senator-for-life Lou D’Allesandro won again and will be part of Democratic majorities in both houses of the General Court. Former Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas will be on the Executive Council, which makes one wonder how often he will allow the governor and other councilors to speak.

The new Democratic majority in the U.S. House may be counted on to give voters plenty of reason to back Republicans in 2020. At least we’ll have a respite from Republican Paul Ryan’s budgets, offering a little less socialism by 2045.


Amherst Street, Manchester

Jack Kenny

Amherst St.